TESOL’s EVO Multiliteracies Session

Greetings Fellow TESOLers,

This is my first foray into Multiliteracies (#evomlit) but my second year with the Electronic Village Online (EVO).  Last year, I co-moderated a session for EVO titled, Internet4YoungLearners.  This year, I’m mentoring the PLE&PLN session for 2011.  Furthermore, I’m participating in two other EVO sessions: Second Life Village and Digital Storytelling.  I’m a constant learner and have taken on technology as my 4th language!

I hope to create my online portfolio during this session on WordPress.  I have so many things to share with you on my blog.  My computer won’t let me unzip files, so I’ll have to purchase that software soon.  That’s the only thing right now that’s keeping me from adding widgets and other fun tech devices to this blog!  For now, I’m adding as many nonzip files as possible.

My multiliteracy’s goals for this eportfolio are as follows:

  1. Create a singular location for all of my online projects/efforts.
  2. Blog about integrating technology into the classroom, including professional development for teaching online.
  3. Clean-up my online presence (close inactive accounts, set up Google alerts, update useful accounts, etc).
  4. Highlight my technical capabilities
  5. Consistently update the eportfolio to reflect recent achievements and/or findings.


Sandra Annette Rogers

Author: teacherrogers

Content developer, instructional designer, trainer, and researcher

2 thoughts on “TESOL’s EVO Multiliteracies Session”

  1. Thanks, Vance! I’m having fun creating my ePortfolio. I didn’t realize how much I have created on the Internet. It’s so nice to pull it all together. Now I find that I just login here first and then go to my other workplaces.



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