My TESOL Schedule for 2011

New Orleans Waterfront

Dear Teachers,

I’m pleased to announce that I was awarded the TESOL scholarship to attend their annual conference.  It will be held in New Orleans on March 15-19th of this year.  If you’re attending, I’d like to invite you to hear me present at the TESOL convention.  Furthermore, I’ll be posting highlights of the conference on Twitter @teacherrogers and the TESOL blog, so you can follow me remotely.

I was awarded a TESOL professional development grant, so I’ll be going early to attend the Pre-Institute workshop on Pronunciation on the 15th.  Then I’ll attend the Plenary and special performance by Carolyn Graham at 5:00.  Ms. Graham is a professional musician and creator of Jazz Chants series, one of my favorite listening resources.

Another opportunity to network will be at the CALL-IS Open meeting to be held in the Electronic Village (EV) from 6:15-7:15 in Room 01.  The CALL-IS is also asking for volunteers.  I volunteered for eight hours last year in the EV and got to meet a lot of people.  Plus, you can have $50 refunded from your conference fee, if you volunteer for TESOL.

Here is a list of my presentation schedule at TESOL:

1. Internet4Young Learners, EVO 2010 Session

This will take place in the Electronic Village at PC#10  from 9:00-9:50 on March 17.  This is an informal presentation that will repeat every 20 minutes, and participants are encouraged to rotate through other presentations that are occurring simultaneously.


Update: This session will be webcast!!

2. Technology in ESOL Classrooms & Preparing Teachers for Successful Integration

I’m co-presenting this Intersection with Dr. Christel Broady, Dr. Karen Kuhel, Stacey Abbott, Margaret McKenzie, Benjamin Fabie, and Ellen Dougherty.

This will take place in Room o1 from 10:00-11:45 on March 18th.

3. EV Classics Fair of the Electronic Village Online (EVO) 2011 Sessions

I’m coordinating the logistics of this presentation to bring presenters from Colombia, Argentina, and SecondLife.  The presenters are as follows:

A. Moderators: Marcela Jaramillo Restrepo and Malcolm Peñaranda Yañez

EVO – Reflection & Practice on the Integration of Virtual & Physical English Classrooms

B. Moderator: Susan Hillyard- EVO Drama

C. Online Moderators and their SL names: Dennis Newson [Osnacantab Nesterov] , Dr. Kalyan Chattopadhyay [Kalyan Horatio], Nahir Aparicio [Nahiram Vaniva], Mary Pinto [Mary Rousell], Carol Rainbow [Carolrb Roux], Heike Philp [Gwen Gwasi]

EVO VILLAGE – Language Learning & Community Building in Second Life

This will take place in the EV on Mac#4 and PC#6 from 2:00-2:50 on March 18th.


Update: This will be webcast:

4. Intermediate Listening College Course from summer 2010

I will talk about a wiki and various listening tools that I integrated into my ESL course.

This will take place in the EV on PC#9 &10 from 8:00-8:50 on March 19th.  This is an informal presentation that will repeat every 20 minutes, and participants are encouraged to rotate through other presentations that are occurring simultaneously.  To learn about more technology presentations, peruse the Electronic Village program of events:

The convention is occurring during my university’s Spring Break, so I plan to take full advantage of all the ongoing activities.  I’ll provide updates as we near the conference dates.  I’ve added the CALL-IS program of events at TESOL as a link in the blogroll.  Lastly, if you’re interested in learning more about TESOL grants, here is their PowerPoint informational presentation:  There’s a TESOL Grant for Everyone!


Sandra Annette Rogers

Author: teacherrogers

Content developer, instructional designer, trainer, and researcher

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