Social Networking Websites for Language Learning


Do you use a Web 2.0 language learning website? Do you like it? If so, please add your comments and include the links to share with my readers. I have only used for my own personal use—for free Spanish conversation in exchange for an English conversation. I’ve used English Cafe and NiceNet as resources for my students. Generally, I’ve taught from commercial, for profit, learning management systems (LMS) instead of social networking sites.

Here are the social networking sites that were discussed in a recent TESOL computer-assisted language learning interest section (CALL-IS) listserve:

1. Nellie Deutsch, a TESOL member, built a worldwide network with other professionals called IT4ALL:








Web 2.0 combinations include:

1.  Skype (for audio/video chat) and Twiddla (interactive webbased board) as the visual interface.

2.  The Mixxer at Dickinson College uses Skype (for audio/video chat) and blogs at

3.  I forgot to add to this list.   You can create a class on FB but would need to use other Web 2.0 tools to engage learners on any given topic.

4.  SlideShare has an app called Zipcast, which allows you to share your PowerPoint slides online with participants and also post to FB and Twitter:

5. is a great way to meet learners online to deliver a presentation for free or for pay.  It really isn’t a social network but worth adding!

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