Vote for EVO as Top Tech Innovator on The Chronicle

Electronic Village Online

I’ve nominated TESOL’s Electronic Village Online (EVO) for The Chronicle of Higher Education’s competition of top technology innovators in higher education. They’re asking for votes and stories, so please add yours to the event at the link below. If you’ve ever learned with the EVO team, please share your story. As any threaded discussion, they ask that you “like” or reply to my initial post to vote for EVO. (Some site visitors are erroneously posting separate likes of the same person or group.)

Here’s the broad description provided about the competition by The Chronicle of Higher Education:

“Nominees can come from any area within academe (teaching, libraries, scholarship, admissions, student life, online learning, etc.) or outside of it (companies, government, think tanks, publishing). Basically, we’re looking for people who are thinking big about how technology can change education “and putting their ideas into practice.”


I realize that some of you may not be in higher ed, and don’t need to vote if you are in K-12. Perhaps you’d like to nominate another worthy techie, school or company. Feel free to do so! I just thought that EVO merits a nomination. I don’t feel like I’m voting for myself, even though I’m on the coordination team, because it’s really about the current moderators, mentors and other seasoned coordinators, and the time they devote to make it happen. Many have been giving of themselves professional for the past 10 years!

Personally, my knowledge base for online learning and teaching has greatly benefited from my involvement with EVO for the past two years. I can’t think of any other organization, school or company that has provided such a fantastic menu of learning opportunities, especially for free. EVO is an open source for learning and participants need not be TESOL members to join the sessions.

EVO has provided free professional development on integrating technology into the educational classroom for English language instructors worldwide for the past 11 years. It started as a special project in 1999 by the computer-assisted language learning interest section (CALL-IS) of TESOL. Last year around 1100 teachers participated in the free online training sessions that take place annually in January and February.

Our goal is to allow learning anywhere, anytime, with as little expense as possible. Thus EVO moderators and mentors are all volunteers, and participants need only provide their own Internet access to take part in activities. Participants and experts engage in collaborative, online discussions or hands-on virtual workshops of professional and scholarly benefit. Here’s a listing of our sessions for 2012 with powerful workshops on everything from digital storytelling to video productions on SecondLife to online mentoring and more:


  • Yikes! Let me know if anybody else is getting a computer virus when they visit The Chronicle website. My computer was completely shut down over the weekend. Repaired. Now, it’s getting them again from the same site.


  • Thanks, Elizabeth Anne! If EVO gets in the top 10, The Chronicle will write a profile about our team. That would be awesome.


  • Coming in 5th place today with 54 votes 🙂


  • By the way, some folks are having difficulty finding my post/nomination for EVO on the competition blog. Look at The Chronicle’s blog, “Who are the Top Tech Innovators” and then sort the comments by Best Rating. We are in the running with 39 votes so far. My nominations is the 11th on the page of Best Rating. Thanks again for your votes on behalf of the coordination team and moderators past and present!


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