Face-to-Face to Online Course Development Checklist

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I created this list for instructional designers working with faculty in higher education who are moving their courses online for the first time.  This is not a comprehensive list but rather a checklist for talking points.  I hope you find it helpful!

  • Will the course shell be shared with others in your department?
  • What are the course learning goals and objectives? What are the objectives for each unit?  Review syllabus, lecture notes, and assignments.
  • What do you want your students to achieve through online activities and interactions?  Discuss reuse/redesign of existing activities such as a pen-and-paper vocabulary log conversion to an electronic glossary/flashcards.
  • What is your ability to develop multimedia presentations? Discuss training and helpful resources.
  • How familiar are you with the online learning management system? Discuss training and helpful resources.
  • Share sources of support for pedagogical assistance for faculty.
  • Share sources of online technological and academic support for students (e.g., Smarthinking, TurnitIn, Orientation tutorials, LMS 24/7 Support Desk, learning strategies, or job aids).
  • What are the departmental timelines, constraints, testing requirements, and online resources?
  • Share samples of monitoring tools: weekly activity checklists for students and teachers, tracking sheet for teacher’s response to students in forums, and LMS site statistics and test item analysis.
  • Share sample rubrics for collaborative projects, forums, and individual assignments, as well as resources for creating rubrics (e.g. Rubistar).
  • Share copy of Netiquette, sample rubric for forums, and effective set-up of threaded discussion to engender a community of inquiry.
  • Share your university’s  accessibility guidelines for e-learning.
  • Invite faculty to view your model course as a student (teacher-as-learner role).
  • Share sample semestrial course checklist for design/redesign.


Sandra Annette Rogers,

Instructional Designer

Author: teacherrogers

Content developer, instructional designer, trainer, and researcher

6 thoughts on “Face-to-Face to Online Course Development Checklist”

  1. You’ve broken some key points down, because this transition was beginning to becoming an overwhelming experience. However the school I’m attending has great resources, they’re just plentiful and you don’t know where to start. Yet your checklist has given some great starting points…


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