Guidance for Teaching Remotely

The following blog posts provide research-based guidance and vetted resources to enhance your understanding of how to teach remotely. Some of these were written with the intent of a fully online course, while the more recent are specific to remote teaching during this world-wide emergency situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Reach out to me if you have any questions. I noticed that 5K visitors came to my site in August of 2020! I hope that you found useful information. This selection of blogs is to address your urgent needs:

Web Conferencing Tips for Remote Teaching – Communication protocols for instructors and students.

Beyond Zoom: Alternative Lecture Formats – Ideas to avoid Zoom burnout and also reach the needs of all students.

5 Pitfalls of Online Teaching – Avoid discouraging or frustrating your students online interactions with you and your course content.

Time-saving Tips for Teaching Online: Part I Addresses shortcuts for commonly used software.

Time-saving Tips for Teaching Online: Part II – Non-software tips such as computer key short-cuts, strategies, and professional development opportunities.

Finding and Creating Images for Online Courses– How and where to select free, copyright free images to match your content

List of Student and Teacher Expectations for Online Courses – Basic expectations for interacting online and troubleshooting tips for students.

In closing, as an instructional designer for remote and fully online courses, I’m collaborating with instructors and graduate student teaching assistants in the course design and maintenance of their courses. I’ve designed online courses for a decade and remote course going on this second year of the pandemic. This is my number one priority, and one that I’m so grateful to have. My secondary priority is educational research projects. These, along with regular life activities and pandemic interruptions, have left me with little time to blog. In the past decade, I’d blog at least once a month if not more. I just wanted to let my readers know that I’m here for you and will pick up my momentum whenever I get a chance. For now, I have over 200 blogs on this site and gladly share my expertise with you. I wish you all the best during this unprecedented crisis.

Stay safe!

Sandra Annette Rogers, Ph.D.

Instructional Designer

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