My First Research Publication

Word cloud data from survey on on the overlap of UDL and active learning (Rogers & Gronseth, 2021)

My peer, Susie Gronseth, and I conducted a case study research about active learning and the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework this year. It was published in an open access journal. Our paper is titled, Apply UDL to Online Active Learning: Instructional Designer Perspectives. Check it out! We hope to present our findings at this year’s Association of Educational Communications & Technology conference. We plan to repeat this study at a larger scale in the near future and invite others to collaborate.

Here’s the abstract:

In online environments, active learning techniques can facilitate varied ways that learners engage and enact skill development, understandings, and connections across concepts. The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework supports providing options and design flexibility. Using a multi-site, mixed method case study design, this exploratory study investigated how 23 instructional designers at three large, urban, US public higher education institutions view alignment between UDL and active learning approaches in online course design. Techniques, strategies, tools, enablers, and challenges of these practices are highlighted. Study data collected included survey responses and focus group sessions. Emergent themes of belongingness, social learning space, structuredness, and universality are discussed.


Rogers, S., & Gronseth, S. L. (2021). Applying UDL to online active learning: Instructional designer perceptions. The Journal of Applied Instructional Design, 10(1).

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