Online Community of Inquiry Syllabus Rubric

As more traditional college courses transition to online formats, educators need effective teaching practices for delivering content and building discourse to create an online community of inquiry (COI). A COI includes the social and cognitive interactions between students, instructors, and experts in the field, as well as the interaction with the content provided. Social presence, … Continue reading “Online Community of Inquiry Syllabus Rubric”

Online Cognitive Activities that Engender a Community of Inquiry

What does your syllabus say about your online course?  I just completed a research project developing a rubric  to identify the potential for a community of inquiry in online college courses.  Then I used the rubric to review 23 online course syllabi from my university’s College of Education.  I found a high amount of cognitive presence in the … Continue reading “Online Cognitive Activities that Engender a Community of Inquiry”

Join me at AERA in NYC

I’m so excited about attending my first conference of the American Educational Research Association (#AERA18) this year. This year’s theme is the dreams, possibilities, and necessity of public education. It will be held in New York City from April 13-17th at various participating hotels. My first event at the conference is to meet my second … Continue reading “Join me at AERA in NYC”

My Research Statement

I endeavor to become a public scholar who investigates learning design through program evaluation, case studies, innovative assessments, and empirical research on instructional design (e.g., environment, instructional strategies, learner experience, and technology integration). My research interests are gaming, second language, and e-learning. I’ve led four of five research studies in my early career, two of which … Continue reading “My Research Statement”

Magis Instructional Design Model for Ignatian Pedagogy

The Magis Instructional Design (ID) Model for online courses was developed by Sandra Rogers (2015) with input from the Jesuits at Spring Hill College, as subject matter experts, and her professor in instructional design, Dr. Davidson-Shivers. It’s unique in that it addresses religion, spirituality, and social justice in addition to intellectual growth. Jesuit school educators include … Continue reading “Magis Instructional Design Model for Ignatian Pedagogy”

Instructional Design

Formal Definition Instructional design (ID) encompasses a wide array of activities to improve human performance, learning, products, processes, and overall return on investments. ID includes the use of research, theory, and common sense. Instructional designers work closely with organizations and subject matter experts to solve problems, determine needs, improve outcomes, and/or find opportunities through systematic analysis and model-based approaches. For example, … Continue reading “Instructional Design”

5 Pitfalls of Online Teaching

I took my first series of online courses for professional development in 2009. The courses were highly interactively and well-designed because they were taught by experts in the field of computer-assisted language learning. A shout-out to my professors in the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certificate program, Principles and Practices of Online Teaching! … Continue reading “5 Pitfalls of Online Teaching”

Join me at the MSERA 2016 in Mobile, Alabama!

Join me in Mobile, AL this November 2nd-4th for the Mid-South Educational Research Associations (MSERA) 2015 annual meeting.  Click this link to see the full conference schedule.  The conference takes place at the Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel on Water Street downtown.  For more information on the MSERA, visit their Website.  The great thing about #MSERA is … Continue reading “Join me at the MSERA 2016 in Mobile, Alabama!”

SITE Conference Day 1: My Itinerary for Professional Development

I can’t wait to see all of these great presentations at the SITE conference next week! Society of Information Technology and Teacher Ed, Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016, Planner 8:30 AM-9:45 AM: Welcome, General Session & Keynote, Marc Prensky, Global Future Education Foundation and Institute, “PLAN B”: Education to Improve the World 10:15 AM-11:15 AM in Harborside Center: Exploring … Continue reading “SITE Conference Day 1: My Itinerary for Professional Development”

Join me at SITE 2016 in Savannah, GA!

Two of my proposals were accepted for presentation at the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) International Conference in Savannah, GA.  I’d love to connect with any of my readers who are also going to SITE. This will be my second time to attend this conference and my first time in the city of Savannah. … Continue reading “Join me at SITE 2016 in Savannah, GA!”