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Community of Inquiry: Research to Practice

My peers and I from the Division of Distance Learning with Association of Educational Communications and Technology gave this webinar in June that highlights research to practice of the community of inquiry framework by educators and instructional designers. Here’s the recording. I focused on my action research and general application of the Online Community of Inquiry Syllabus Rubric. I briefly

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Student Learning Organizer for Metacognitive Strategies

Metacognition is a way for you to self-monitor your learning and expand on it to increase short and long-term memory. Cognitive strategies differ from metacognitive strategies in their concreteness such as concept mapping and frames (tables with or without formulas like below). Metacognition is thinking about thinking, hence, meta-awareness. When you engage in this self-talk, you’re monitoring your cognitive processes. This is referred

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Redesigning Online Discussions for Social Presence

A woman is working on laptop with documents.

A community of inquiry (COI) includes the social, cognitive, and teaching interactions among students, instructors, and experts in the field, as well as their interaction with the content provided. The presence of all three types of interactions are essential to the communication loop for an online COI (Garrison, 2000). Cognitive presence is the engagement in learning activities that demand higher-order

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Teaching Tips for Critical Thinking

In light of current events, I’d like to share a selection of my blogs on critical thinking with K-12 educators some of which could also be used with college freshmen. Ideas for Teaching Problem-solving, Critical Thinking, and Reasoning: If I were to teach problem solving, critical thinking, and reasoning, I’d embed it into the content already being taught (e.g., math or

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Finding and Creating Images for Online Courses

Images can shape the narrative of your online course and affect students’ learning. Bruning et al. (2011) recommend imagery as a way to encode information. The three most important things to consider when selecting an image are copyright, inclusion, and purpose. Your school’s librarian can help you navigate the copyright and fair use practices; otherwise, review the US government site

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Kapi’olani Community College Free Online Conference 2020 Recordings

I’ll be attending the University of Hawai’i Kapi’olani Community College Summer Camp next week for the first time. It’s not an actual camp but rather the theme for the conference: group excursions, open swim, fireside chats, story circles, and camp counselor sessions. Come check it out with me, a camp counselor! I’ll be keynoting on Thursday, August 6 at 10:00

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Beyond Zoom: Alternative Lecture Formats

Are you and your students finding it difficult to spend hours on Zoom or other web conferencing tools for lectures? Beside the unhealthy aspect of sitting for long periods, it’s difficult to pay attention over time. This is exacerbated when we’re on camera. To be clear, Zoom is still useful for a myriad of teaching activities (e.g., office hours, live

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Snapshot: Remote Teaching and Learning Support

Remote Work On March 17, 2020, I packed up my workspace and went home to work remotely for the University of California-Los Angeles since the campus closed during winter quarter and everything went online on March 10th. The week between March 10th and the 17th was full of technology training on-campus activities meeting face-to-face with instructors in collaborative triage with

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Web Conferencing Tips for Remote Teaching

As K-16 schools cancel face-to-face classes and transition to remote teaching online, many are using web conference tools for the first time. I’ve used them for a decade and would like to share some best practices. First, go through all the features and configure your settings in this new tool—this is critical because some settings automate tasks such as saving

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