Are you interested in selling educational products on TPT?

Cover page of story titled, A Chance To Grow
I sell children’s stories, activities, and other K-12 educational products online. is a great way for educators to sell their own material.  They’re an open marketplace for educators to buy, sell, and share their self-made educational products.   Here’s my store on TPT I currently have 50 educational products for sale.  Examples include a podcast project, learning center signs, language prompts with photos from American life, and literature studies.  The majority of my products are available in English and Spanish editions.

You have to become a member to make a purchase.  Membership is free. Additionally, you will have access to thousands of free downloads from each teacher—that’s the sharing component of TPT.  If you’re interested in selling products on TPT, then please use my referral link.

Read my WordPress page about being a materials writer for TeachersPayTeachers. I’m selling products on TPT to help pay for graduate school and to get hands-on experience as an instructional designer of educational products. This activity is also helping me learn about the Common Core State Standards, as I try to align my products.  For example, check out the fictional story I wrote about the life cycle of various animals and plants a young chick encounters on a walk around the farm.

Also, some teachers (not me) make a substantial income on TPT. Read about TPT’s number one seller, Deanna Jump. Thank you for visiting my store! If you purchase something, please leave feedback.

My Latest Adventure into Entrepreneurship Includes Old Books

Are you interested in rare books or already have a large collection?  Do you like spending your time hunting for treasures at the local thrift store?  Perhaps you might like to sell your used textbooks online or start your own online bookstore. can provide you with both choices.  You could sell your unwanted books to the site or you pay a monthly hosting fee to start your own online bookstore on their site.  I chose AbeBooks to sell my book collection because of the literary value of dealing my rare and signed editions online through a reputable rare bookseller.

Since I returned to school for a doctorate degree, I started looking at various websites to purchase used textbooks.  AbeBooks offers loads of used textbooks at reduced prices.  While I was on their site, I started to wander and found literature I liked.  Then when I saw the prices of first editions, I was astounded.  It got me thinking about the books I already owned and their current value.   For example, I realized that the first edition of the book shown below is currently worth about $70, and it isn’t even signed.  I think the value comes from the well-loved author, Sid Fleischman, and also due to the fact that he has already passed away.  Fleischman was a Newberry-medal winning author.  Great illustrations add to the value, too! I was fortunate to hear him give a presentation once at the Children’s Book Writers & Illustrator’s conference.

Chancy and the Grand Rascal by Sid Fleischman

Since some publishing houses are closing or reducing their reprint of publications, old books are increasing in value because new editions may never be created for mass publication again.  Anyhow, I thought I’d share my latest venture in entrepreneurship because I’ve already sold 50 books and made a profit.  Needless to say, my hobby of collecting books has become more interesting and I’m more active now.  Here’s a link to my online shop, Teacherrogers Bookstore: .  Visit my WordPress page to learn more about the reasons I became a bookseller.

Deanna Jump’s 10 Tips To Make A Million Bucks on TPT

Dear Readers,

If you’re interested in creating educational material for profit, check out the top earning teacher on (TPT).  This is a real life story of a kindergarten teacher who has been financially successful selling her teaching lessons and other educational self-made products.  I have a store on TPT, too,  so feel free to ask me questions about the site.

Deanna Jump’s Ten Tips To Make A Million Bucks | EdSurge News.
P. S. Apparently, thousands of teachers were encouraged by Deanna Jump’s earnings and have created accounts with TPT.  Hence, the competition just got larger.   Best of luck to you all!


Sandra Rogers