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I studied creative writing at UCLA’s extension program back in the 90s with two published children’s authors. It was my outlet for creativity. Since then, I’ve written several children stories and poems, but they have remained unpublished sitting in a basket beside my desk (except for two educational ones that I sell on TeachersPayTeachers). 

Currently, I’m using Storybird’s monthly challenges as my impetus for getting a new story out every month even though it’s not for profit. I just started in October of 2017.  My Halloween story didn’t quite make it in on time to earn a badge for the challenge. I’ll keep posting new ones here on this page.

OctoberMy Tale for a Halloween Treat

African American girl speaking to a frog near a pond
Art by KDMaz on Storybird

Summary: Paula reveals her thought process as she writes a Halloween story for a school contest. Meet Polly and Pollard in their adventures in a town near a forest with a witch, a fairy, and some hairy seeds.



NovemberGrandma Doesn’t Speak English

Grandma sitting in a rocking chair while she knits with grandson playing with a dog in front of her.
Art by Victoria Usova on Storybird

Summary: Love removes all language barriers in this story based on a visit to grandmother’s house. She doesn’t speak English, so she gets the children’s attention by saying ‘mira’ which means ‘look’ in Spanish.



DecemberThe Do Over Wish

Barn owl in snowy forest flying towards you
Art by Frimages on Storybird

Summary: Two twelve-year-old cousins go hunting for quail but end up wishing for a do-over when they shoot a barn owl. This leads them to make a pact to only hunt animals for meals or personal safety.



I’d love feedback on my stories either here or on Storybird, which is free to join.

Sandra Annette Rogers, Ph.D.

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15% TPT Sale on Halloween Themed Educational Products

Girl dressed for Halloween going trick-or-treating
Happy Halloween!

Dear Readers,

It’s been a while since I posted anything about my TPT store. This weekend and Columbus Day, I’m having a sale on all of my Halloween inspired educational products.  Check them out! When you purchase these you gain access to the download and can start using them right away.

Elementary Halloween Song in Spanish with images and lyrics on a PowerPoint;  complete song on my YouTube channel. See link for details.

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Middle School (MS) poetry study: 3 sets of questions and answers for 3 spooky poems of Edgar Allan Poe, available in English and Spanish; aligned with Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Product provides links to poetry.

MS novelette study: questions and answers for R. L. Stevensons’ Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, aligned with CCSS and also available in English and Spanish. If you don’t have this novel, download a free eBook and podcast from The Gutenberg Project! See product info.

MS short story study: questions and answers for Henry Jame’s A Problem. This is aligned with CCSS and also available in English and Spanish.  A link to the story is provided with the product.

I also have Q&A for Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight in English and Spanish.

The MS literature products are also sold in a bundles in English and Spanish, which are on sale this weekend.  If you’re not a member of TPT, you can create an account for free.  This allows you to access the thousands of freebies available from millions of teachers on the site.

Sandra Rogers,

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Are you interested in selling educational products on TPT?

Cover page of story titled, A Chance To Grow
I sell children’s stories, activities, and other K-12 educational products online. is a great way for educators to sell their own material.  They’re an open marketplace for educators to buy, sell, and share their self-made educational products.   Here’s my store on TPT I currently have 50 educational products for sale.  Examples include a podcast project, learning center signs, language prompts with photos from American life, and literature studies.  The majority of my products are available in English and Spanish editions.

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Read my WordPress page about being a materials writer for TeachersPayTeachers. I’m selling products on TPT to help pay for graduate school and to get hands-on experience as an instructional designer of educational products. This activity is also helping me learn about the Common Core State Standards, as I try to align my products.  For example, check out the fictional story I wrote about the life cycle of various animals and plants a young chick encounters on a walk around the farm.

Also, some teachers (not me) make a substantial income on TPT. Read about TPT’s number one seller, Deanna Jump. Thank you for visiting my store! If you purchase something, please leave feedback.

Virtual Student Foreign Service Internship Project: Spanish Language Websites

2 Cars driving along the sea wall
Havana, Cuba

Over this past school year, I’ve been serving as a virtual intern for the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, Cuba (USINT Havana). It’s a Virtual Student Foreign Service (VSFS) internship through the US State Department. I communicate via email with my program coordinator in Havana.  We’ve been working on two major projects: a Kindle literacy book club project and updating their organization’s website with links to educational bilingual sites.  USINT Havana requested a list of a variety of web resources in Spanish to include under the “Resource” tab on the USINT homepage, as well as a review of the existing links listed on their site.  Improving the list of Spanish language websites would increase traffic to USINT’s Web page, provide better access for new Internet users unaccustomed to searching the web, and help ensure their Internet time at the centers is used for educational purposes.

I’d like to share some of the bilingual (Spanish/English) educational websites that I found. They address children, juveniles, and adults. The topics include  literature,  K-12 Education, free e-magazines, and general resources on the US and Cuba.  There are several constraints to the learning environment in Cuba. One being the lack of high-speed Internet. Unfortunately, this restricted flash media such as videos and gaming websites from our list. Additionally, the lack of English knowledge is another constraint. Therefore, I selected either fully Spanish or bilingual sites. I was actually amazed at how little I could find in Spanish.  If you have some great sites to share, please leave a comment. The project will finish in April.

Journalism/ Periodismo Nueva Sociedad es una revista sobre la democracia y politica en la America Latina. Humanística es una revista sobre la antropologia y sociologia. “Islas” es una revista trimestral dedicada a los temas afrocubanos. Libres es una revista mensual de crítica y creación, fundada en 1999 y heredera de la tradición y el ánimo de la revista Vuelta fundada por Octavio Paz. Sitio Web de la revista Encuentro de la Cultura Cubana Habana Elegante es una revista semestral de la literatura y cultura cubana, caribeña, latinoamericana, y de estética. Cajastur es una revista sobre España para los menores.

References/ Referencias ofrece herramientas gratuitas de publicación y colaboración tales como documentos, hojas de cálculo, formas, diapositivas, eventos y dibujos graficos. Se puede cambiar la configuración para español. ofrece noticias, cultura y eventos sobre los cubanos. ofrece información sobre la investigación, la empresa, la universidad, el cine, la ciencia y la salud. También cuenta con libros electrónicos y una enciclopedia. Se necesita un código de acceso especial para utilizarlo. es una enciclopedia de contenido libre que todos pueden editar. ofrece noticias, cultura y eventos sobre los cubanos. ofrece asesoramiento gratuito médica sobre su salud.ón para los hispanohablantes que viven en los EE.UU. sobre cómo acceder a los recursos del gobierno.ón para los hispanohablantes que viven en los EE.UU. sobre cómo acceder a los recursos del gobierno. of origin) University Website of Texas website on Cuba

Education/Educación incluye actividades de alfabetización bilingüe para los padres, estudiantes y maestros. actividades de alfabetización bilingüe para los padres, estudiantes y maestros. ofrece historias preescolares en español. ofrece juegos para la escuela primaria. ofrece atividades del idioma espanol para los niños. Boricua ofrece canciones de los niños puertorriqueños. ofrece actividades de alfabetización.

Literature/Literatura venden libros y CDs; sin embargo, ofrecen acceso gratuito a la poesía y la prosa. Proyecto del Gutenberg tiene 25 ebooks en español y 40.000 ebooks en Inglés. permite a cualquier persona a descargar esta aplicación gratuita por su teléfono inteligente o computadora para leer libros electrónicos.

Photo Source: Sandra Rogers, 2008

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Dear Readers,

I started a podcast on English language pronunciation issues and Spanish for medical usage.  The English language podcasts are for English language learners (ELLs),  and the Spanish language podcasts are for medical professionals to use Spanish-speaking patients.  The latter serves as a job aid for those who need to practice Spanish on the job.  I’ll be adding more soon.  Check it out!

This links takes you to the list of recordings on the podcast: