Online Teaching Readiness Needs Assessment

I created this questionnaire prior to collaborating with instructors preparing for online course design. It helped me gather their prior knowledge and better address where to begin the instructional design process. Also, surveys serve as a way to inform the participant. Feel free to adapt and use it with your instructors, as this one is based on the Canvas LMS and Zoom web conferencing tool for higher education. Let me know if you have any recommendations on this topic.

Online Teaching Readiness Needs Assessment

Introduction: The instructional designer will meet with you during the analysis phase to discuss your specific training needs. Complete this in advance.

  1. How many years of online teaching experience do you have?
  2. Have you ever taken an online course?
  3. Which Canvas tools would you like to learn more about?
    • Assignments
    • Discussions
    • Gradebook
    • Quizzes
  4. Do you use a Mac or PC?
  5. Which educational technology tools do you have access to at home/office?
  6. Do you know how to develop the following multimedia learning objects? Select all that apply:
    • Video lecture
    • Audio lecture
    • Screencast demonstrations
    • Narrated PowerPoints
    • Other: __________________________________________
  7. Are you familiar with these Zoom features and accoutrements? Select all that apply:
    • Share the screen
    • Polls
    • Breakout Rooms
    • Virtual backgrounds
    • Recording
    • Wacom tablet
    • External mic
    • I don’t know how to use Zoom.
    • I would like to know more about _________________________________.
  8. Are you familiar with Netiquette (online etiquette)?
  9. Do you need assistance with writing measurable objectives for your units of study?
  10. Do you need assistance with developing rubrics to evaluate tasks?
  11. Have you used the MS Word track changes feature before to provide students with feedback on their writing?
  12. Which accessibility requirements for e-learning are you familiar with? Select all that apply.
    • Font size, style, and color
    • Alternative text for images and hyperlinks
    • PDFs compatible with screen readers
    • Closed captioning of media
    • Heading structure for page layout
    • Other: __________________________________
  13. What other training needs do you have?

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