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Doctoral Internship: Creating Machinima for Language Learners

CAMELOT This semester, I participated in the CreAting Machinima Empowers Live Online language Teaching and learning (CAMELOT) project funded by the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme. The purpose of the CAMELOT project is to provide language-teaching resources for English as foreign language instructors, as well as to share the technological and pedagogical expertise on creating and adapting their own machinima for the classroom. Machinima are screencasts

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Filming in Second Life to Create Machinima

Photo of MachinEVO moderators providing a training session in SecondLife in EduNation. This is one of my first film assignments as part of the MachinEVO workshop. I was in a group filming a story about a magician on a ship. It’s a humorous story, so I used some corny  music (Sorry, Gsus) for the sinking ship scene. I was already familiar

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Virtual Student Foreign Service Internship Project: Spanish Language Websites

Over this past school year, I’ve been serving as a virtual intern for the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, Cuba (USINT Havana). It’s a Virtual Student Foreign Service (VSFS) internship through the US State Department. I communicate via email with my program coordinator in Havana.  We’ve been working on two major projects: a Kindle literacy book club project and updating their

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