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Join me at TCC 2020 Online Conference

I’m happy to announce that I’ll make one presentation and give one interactive workshop at the 25th anniversary of Technology, Colleges & Community (TCC) Worldwide Online Conference held April 14-16, 2020. TCC Hawaii, LearningTimes, and the Learning Design and Technology Department at the University of Hawaii-Manoa collaboratively produce this event. The conference is fully online and affordable. It will be my

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Curation of Your Online Persona Through Self-Care and Responsible Citizenship

  I’m excited to announce my publication in this new K-12 book titled, Leveraging Technology to Improve School Safety and Student Wellbeing (Huffman, Loyles, Albritten, & Green, 2020). My contribution to the edited book is titled, Curation of Your Online Persona Through Self-Care and Responsible Citizenship (Rogers, 2020). It’s written for secondary teachers and their students. It started as a

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Recipe for Digital Curation of Your Online Persona

Have you googled yourself lately? What does the Internet search reveal about you? With each hashtag, blog post, tweet, and online project at a time, you’re building your online reputation whether you want to or not. In the absence of professional branding, your online persona brands you (Rogers, 2020). Curation of our online personal data is more important than ever.

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