Presentation: Capture ID Perspectives and Practices for UDL and Active Learning

Who: Kapi’olani Community College Summer Camp (hyperlinked to website)

Where: Online – register to access Zoom link. Registration is free!

What: Professional development sessions for higher education faculty, staff, and graduate students. See program for complete details.

When: August 2nd-5th, 2021

Join our 20-minute ‘Open Swim’ (session type) on Aug 2nd at 4:30 CST!

Presenters: Drs. Sandra Rogers, University of California-Berkeley & Susie Gronseth, University of Houston

Presentation: Capture Instructional Designers Perspectives & Practices for UDL & Active Learning

What are the instructional designers’ (IDs) perspectives and practices in regards to the Universal Design for Learning framework and active learning in online course designs at your institution? In hope of having others replicate and extend our recent mixed method research on this topic, we will share our survey instrument and open access publication during this session and discuss key findings. In this way, ID perceptions can be gathered more broadly from institutions with differing characteristics and geographic locations and themes explored more deeply within the learner engagement professional community. This ‘open swim’ session is our way of informing others and to connect to serve as a resource. This session is open to practicing IDs and researchers alike.

See our Google Slide Presentation, which includes a link to our open access research article on this topic.

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