Assistive Technology Tools

Are you familiar with adaptive technology? Do you have students with physical disabilities? Here is a list of adaptive tech tools and resources for you to integrate into your classroom teaching such students:

1. Section 508 Checklist:
Standards for Web site content to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.

2. iSpeech:
Converts text-to-speech (TTS) or speech-to-text (STT) for free. You can control the speed of the voice delivery. It catalogs the number of recordings in its library.

3. US Government:
Provides webinars and updates on the latest technology available or the lack thereof in various situations.

4. Boston College & Boston University:
Assists individuals with limited movement to use their head to direct the mouse cursor. FREE!

5. The Principles of Universal Design, North Carolina State University: Universal Design Poster Universal Design poster
These principles will help you create activities and an environment accessible for all learners.

6. Internet Explorer 8: AccessibilityInIE8 PDF
Microsoft tutorial on the accessibility options for using Internet Explorer 8.

7. Microsoft Windows XP:
Tutorial on the ability to have the computer read the text in your documents. TTS is text-to-speech.

8. YouTube: They offer an auto-caption feature that can benefits not only deaf users, but also people who watch videos in really noisy places, like airport terminals. The tool will be able to translate captions into your choice of 50 languages. For now, however, auto-captioning works only with videos in English.

9. Apple claims to create to create its products with accessibility in mind as standard features

Additionally, I’d like to share one of the most thought-provoking videos that I’ve ever seen on rethinking the concept and words associated with persons with disabilities. The “Opportunity of Adversity” by Aimee Mullins:

Please share your resources for adaptive technology with me, and I’ll post them on this blog and my PLE.

Sandra Rogers

Author: teacherrogers

Content developer, instructional designer, trainer, and researcher

4 thoughts on “Assistive Technology Tools”

  1. hi! 🙂 i am at the office at the moment, so i do not have very much time to write… however! I really liked reading your post. It turned out to be some really good stuff. many thanks! Best regards


  2. You’re welcome! Several of my students did the alternative assignment and created electronic logs. I hope they continue to use them during their college career. After the project, I found out that sends automated responses to remind you to study your electronic logs! It keeps reminding me to study mine. I was happy about that.


  3. greetings! 🙂 i’m at work right now, hence i don’t have much time to write… nonetheless! I truly appreciated reading through the article. It was a bunch of excellent stuff. thank you! Sincerely, Ms Paketresor


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