My Google Apps for Education Blog Posts

Google VR headset is made of cardboard

This week, I was asked to share my knowledge on Google Drive with colleagues at work.  I figured it was time to resurrect a couple of useful blog posts! Here’s my collection on the various educational uses of Google apps for education (referred to as #GAFE).

  1. Basic Tech Tools: Google Drive,  Maps, Google+, and Translations (blog)
  2. Create a Google Site from a Gmail Account (video)

  3.  I Love Google Scholar Alerts! (blog)

  4. What are Google Drawings? (infographic)

  5. Using Google Suite for Universal Design (blog)

  6. Google Map of Re-Entry Service Providers in Mobile County (blog)

  7. Google Provides Free Professional Development for Educators (blog)

  8. VR with Google Cardboard for Irish Literature Hybrid Course (blog)

Whether you’re new to the Google Suite of technology offerings (Google apps, Google Classroom, & Google Drive) or an established expert, we can all benefit from knowing more about the tools at our disposal. Visit the Google Products’ Tip page to learn more about working with G Suite. Learn how Google can enhance your entire educational experience. Browse the Learn Better and Product menus for more subjects that interest you. Here’s a link to Google for Education privacy and security policy. Here’s the link to the G Suite User Guide for Accessibility.

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